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  • Jake’s Post-Season Scouting Tour 2013

    On January 4 of 2013 Jake and I took a tour of his small 67 acre property in southern MI to see how the deer were using his property while they were still in their hunter avoidance patterns. We checked his bedding areas, food plots, travel corridors and newly hinge cut areas. What we saw was absolutely amazing! The amount of deer tracks and deer beds was like nothing I had ever seen before. I think it even took Jake by surprise.

    As you watch these videos, remember that with some planning and work, you can have deer sign like this on your property as well. You just have to give the deer what they want…..a habitat with diverse cover and a variety of food which most properties do not have.

    Jake offers up multiple nuggets of little-known tips and strategies he has discovered over many years of experimenting, so you may want to watch these videos more than once.
    Feel free to leave questions or comments on the Facebook Group page. Enjoy.