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Killing Unwanted Grasses With Clethodim

When it comes to whitetail habitat advice from popular sources of information, there is virtually no mention of the negative effects of cool season grasses in the whitetail landscape. These grasses can quickly take over and choke out the more desirable plants which provide food and cover for all kinds of wildlife. Even in the off-season, plants and forbs like golden rod and berry plants serve to give great cover for fawning in late Spring and early Summer. Many fields have so much grass that it prevents sunlight to reach the seeds of desirable forbs which lay just under the surface for years waiting to sprout and benefit deer.

Don’t think you need to have lots of big equipment like tractors and tank sprayers to get the job done. You can do a lot with just a backpack sprayer. Or something in between like an ATV and a 15 gallon portable tank sprayer like Jim uses in this video.